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Why do I need a referral to book an appointment with Dr. Pegado?
Dr Pegado is a specialist, and so an active referral (within the past year) is required to book an appointment by VIHA regulation.

How do I get a referral?
See your general physician, optometrist, or any medical doctor.

What will the wait time be for an appointment after referral?
After triage, children may wait approximately 6-9 months for their first appointment. Adults are currently waiting over a year. The office strives to see every patient at the earliest availability.

I’m being referred for a surgical procedure. Will there be additional wait times?
Yes. Some minor procedures may be done in office relatively quickly, but all surgeries will have a wait time associated with them after you’ve seen Dr. Pegado and he is able to determine urgency.

I’ve seen Dr. Pegado before. Why do I need a new referral?
If Dr. Pegado has not seen you within the year, we will request a re-referral. This is VIHA regulated, and it allows your referring doctor to facilitate the flow and urgency of your care.

This is an emergency. How do I get in to see Dr. Pegado?
Please proceed immediately to your GP, the ER, or your nearest walk-in clinic. They will be able to arrange for you to see the on-call ophthalmologist.


How early should I arrive for my appointment?
Arrive at the appointment time given. Do not arrive early.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Your BC Care Card, a list of current medications, and any glasses you wear regularly.

Will my eyes be dilated?
Yes, assume so if this is your first appointment with Dr. Pegado. Arrange for a driver accordingly. If this is not your first appointment, you may be able to make an educated guess based on previous appointments, but dilation is still a possibility.

Will I be able to drive home after my exam?
If your eyes have been dilated, no. If you opt to drive to the exam and it is necessary we dilate your eyes that day, we unfortunately may need to reschedule your appointment.

How long will I be in your office?
Please plan for one to two hours. Wait times are an unfortunate reality of Dr. Pegado’s heavy patient load, and we recommend bringing a book, game, or other activity to your appointment in case of extended waits.

Where is your office?
We are located at 830 Shamrock St, suite 304. Entrance to Shamrock is just off of Oak St, a couple blocks away from the Uptown Mall.

Where can I park during my appointment?
There is visitor parking beneath the building; the entrance to this garage is at the end of the cul-de-sac (turn off after the building entrance). There is additional assigned parking for patients in the open air spaces just before the private garage (turn off before the building entrance). Street parking is available but limited.

Do any bus routes go to the new office?
Several! The closest stop to the office would be Southbound Douglas at Cloverdale, which serves route numbers 30, 31, 47, 48, 50, and 61. For other routes or more information, please consult the BC Transit website.

What if I need to reschedule?
Please contact us as soon as possible either by phone, email, or the appointment form on this website. Rescheduled appointments can be pushed back by up to six months depending on the doctor’s schedule.

Will you call me to confirm this appointment?
Yes, we use an automated service to provide phone confirmation 1-2 days before an appointment. While we’re happy to do this, please try not to rely on this service as your only record of appointments. Glitches do occur from time to time.


I’d like to make an appointment to get new glasses.
Please make an appointment with your optometrist.

Dr. Pegado gave me a glasses prescription last time, and I need it updated/checked. 
Prescriptions for strabismus excluded, the doctor does not make appointments for glasses prescriptions. While he may write one during an exam as a courtesy, please see your optometrist for maintenance of this prescription.

My new glasses from Dr. Pegado don’t seem to be working properly.
Please take them back to the optical dispenser and have them verify the prescription (note that ophthalmologists and optometrists format their prescriptions differently, and the dispenser will need to pay special attention when ordering your lenses). If the prescription has been verified and you’re still having difficulties, contact our office.

Surgical Procedures

How soon will you let me know about my surgical date?
Surgical booking will be in touch with the first available date for your procedure. Generally, they will call one to two months before the booked date.

What time should I arrive at the hospital?
Your arrival time will be included in the surgical paperwork mailed or emailed to you.

Will I need any prescriptions before or after the procedure?
Any necessary prescriptions will either 1) be included with your surgical paperwork, or 2) be given to you by Dr. Pegado on the surgery date.

How do I get to the hospital?
Please click here for directions to either Victoria General Hospital or the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

When do I have to have my pre op physical done by?
One week before your surgical date.

How soon after the procedure can I go back to my regular routine?
Please consult your surgical paperwork.


What is an orthoptist?
Orthoptists are health professionals who specialize in the non-surgical treatment of visual disorders such as amblyopia, strabismus and diplopia. The orthoptist will work in conjunction with Dr. Pegado.

How do I make an appointment with the orthoptist?
Appointments with our in-office orthoptist are on the recommendation of Dr. Pegado.

My referring doctor has let me know about two appointments at your office, many months apart. Is the first one with the orthoptist necessary?
Dr. Pegado’s wait list is currently very long, and he often recommends children and select adult patients meet with the orthoptist in the interim. This allows her to consider treatment options that may be started immediately and screen for other potential issues. If you or your child have been given an appointment with the orthoptist, it is on Dr. Pegado’s indication and so imperative that you keep it.

For further information or assistance, please contact us.